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Focus Your ADHD Brain With 5 Helpful Hacks

Are you frustrated with your inability to focus and get things done? Read these helpful hacks for focusing and strengthening your ADHD brain.

Your ADHD brain is a complex system. It is responsible for your productivity, and your ability to focus and sustain work. Sometimes this system needs to be checked and recharged. Alan P. Brown gives five simple ways to “hack” the system of your brain and optimize its ability to get things done:

1. Adhere to “DWYDN”
2. Achieve Meaningful Calm with PP478
3. Re-Ignite Your ADHD Brain with Venue Change
4. Fuel Your Brain with Protein
5. Practice a Recovery Ritual

Adhere to these strategies and you’ll see improvement in your home and work life!

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.