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Need Help Finding Your Passion? Use This ADHD “Brain Blueprint”

Finding your passion is the first step to living a full, authentic life. Use this visual tool to effectively probe your ADHD brain. You’ll discover your values, strengths, and interests — and forge a path tailored for you.

The ADHD brain struggles with organization and long-term planning, leaving many adults feeling directionless as they consider a life path.

Behold the “Brain Blueprint,” a tool designed to help adults with ADHD organize their thoughts, connect the dots, and find their passion – whether in a career, a college major, an investment, or when making any major life decision.

The Brain Blueprint works by asking users questions that get to core parts of themselves. Users will uncover their values, signature strengths, passions, and more, developing a sense of direction as they go.

Get started on mapping out your path toward a fuller, authentic life by downloading this free tool.

This tool came from the Fall 2020 issue of ADDitude magazine.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.