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Your Free Guide to Debunking Annoying ADHD Myths

Medical experts explain attention deficit and dispel common myths. Download this guide to learn the truth about ADHD in children and adults.

Few psychological conditions have generated more discussion in recent years than attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, more commonly known as ADHD. But even with all the coverage, people continue to harbor many mistaken beliefs about the condition — which leads to stigma that can hurt real children and adults living with ADHD every day.

We’ve all heard them — things like “ADHD isn’t real,” or “It’s just bad parenting.” If you’ve heard one of these inconsiderate (and ill-informed) statements from a so-called “ADHD expert,” it can be infuriating — but you may not always be sure what exactly to say back.

This free one-page download can help. It presents seven of the most common myths about ADHD, and provides short, simple rebuttals to educate anyone in your life who may not know the facts.

By advocating for ADHD in your everyday life, you’re doing more than just setting straight a few family members or colleagues — you’re laying the groundwork for reduced stigma in all parts of society. That means a better future for tomorrow’s children (and adults) with ADHD — and that seems like a pretty worthy goal to us!

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.