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Help Your Child’s Peers ‘Get’ ADHD: A Free Guide for Parents

Share this free handout with the parents of your child’s classmates to promote greater understanding of your child’s ADHD behaviors and actions.

ADHD affects about one in 10 children nationwide. It is common, though commonly misunderstood, in classrooms and on playgrounds today. Your child’s classmates are sure to have questions — Why is he always getting out of his seat? Why does she get a fidget toy? Why does he have a star chart and I don’t? — that your child may need help answering.

We recommend using this download to explain ADHD and its symptoms in terms your child’s classmates can understand. Use it to help your child learn how to answer classmates’ questions directly, and print it out to share with their parents, too.

The questions and answers outlined here will help other families understand your child’s behaviors and actions — and accept him as someone who is doing his best to meet the challenges of ADHD.