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Free Resource: Boost Your Teen’s Executive Functions

Your teen wants independence — but her executive functions (or lack thereof) may be holding her back. Here are 8 strategies parents can use to help teens take the reins.

It’s natural (and healthy) for your child to pull away from Mom and Dad and explore her independence as she enters the teen years. The problem, however, is that teens with ADHD are as much as three years behind their peers in executive functioning skills — meaning your child’s ability to plan, remember, and execute her growing responsibilities may be impaired.

Parents often feel guilty for “babying” a teenager, or worry that he won’t be able to survive on his own once he becomes an adult. This is normal — and totally fixable. In this free 7-page handout, we outline 8 simple ways parents can bolster a teen’s executive functions, while still providing the needed support that his growing ADHD brain needs.

Your teen’s body and brain are changing rapidly as he grows from child to adult. This resource provides ADHD-friendly strategies that will teach him to expertly navigate the unique challenges he faces — and build his self-esteem along the way.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.