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Schoolhouse Blocks: A Guide to Building Foundational Executive Functions

Executive function (EF) deficits are commonly mistaken for — and exacerbated by — ADHD symptoms. The reverse is also true, making EF and ADHD inextricably linked yet also distinct. To address a student’s challenges, teachers and parents must first understand their origins and then enact the EF strategies outlined in this 12-page guide.

– 9 ways to address executive function challenges associated with reading, writing, and math

– 19 questions to help your child develop the metacognition that powers confidence, persistence, and positive self-esteem

– 5 steps to help a student with ADHD practice effective self-advocacy

– 12 solutions to self-control weaknesses that cause classroom disruptions

– 11 strategies to help kids develop emotional regulation by recognizing and naming their feelings

– 4 ways to build motivation in students with ADHD who struggle with focus, prioritization, and procrastination

– 10 tools for improving working memory

– 5 academic challenges rooted in ADHD executive dysfunction

– 6 ways to develop emotional control

Get all of these resources in this concise, practical, 12-page guide to building stronger executive functions in children with ADHD.

Print it, share it, use it, and start off the new school year smart!

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.