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Free Download: 6 Ways to Develop Emotional Control at School

Stress and emotional flooding affect how children with ADHD learn, play, engage with classmates, follow directions, and retain information. Learn simple ways to help develop emotional control.

6 Ways to Develop Emotional Control at School

Emotional regulation yields benefits in school, work, and relationships. Use these simple strategies to help kids recognize, name, and manage their intense ADHD emotions. Emotional control strategies include the following:

1. Create a “pattern interrupt” by engaging in exercise
2. Model emotional control strategies
3. Reflect on and talk about book characters’ emotions
4. Each morning, ask students to take a deep breath
5. Prompt students to step into each other’s shoes
6. Improve students’ emotional vocabulary by posting a rich word bank

Download ADDitude’s full Success @ School Executive Function Action Plan here.

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