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Free Guide: Distance Learning Strategies for Children with ADHD

Distance learning is difficult, unpopular, and returning for many students with ADHD this Fall. Here, caregivers and educators share their most effective strategies for teaching and keeping students organized and focused while learning remotely. Download this guide to lay the groundwork for a successful school year.

As the new school year begins, parents and educators are taking stock of the tools and techniques that worked during the last six months of distance learning. ADDitude asked them to share the most effective approaches that caregivers can use to help children excel this year.

Are you the parent of a child with ADHD who is exhausted by the past several months and stressed about the school year to come?


  • reordering the day to match your child’s energy
  • creating distinct home work spaces in the house or outside.
  • asking the teacher for a daily checklist

If you are a teacher overwhelmed by distance learning, consider increasing engagement with:

  • hands on projects
  • tools like audiobooks and YouTube
  • recording classroom lessons
  • sharing resources with parents

Download the free guide to distance learning to gain access to the rest of the strategies!

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.