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New! The Clinicians’ Guide to Treating Complex ADHD

Sign up below for a free, 7-part series guiding clinicians through the difficult, nuanced decisions they face when treating adult and pediatric patients for ADHD and its comorbidities. The clinical compendium is brought to you by Medscape, MDEdge, and ADDitude and includes regular emails starting immediately.

The Clinicians’ Guide to Treating Complex ADHD is a clinical compendium from Medscape, MDEdge, and ADDitude designed to guide health care providers through the difficult, important decisions they face when treating pediatric and adult patients for ADHD and its comorbid conditions. This guided email course will cover the following topics:

  • DECISION 1: What should I consider when developing a comprehensive treatment plan for ADHD?
  • DECISION 2: What medications and other approaches should I turn to as first-line treatments for ADHD?
  • DECISION 3: How can I decide which ADHD medication to prescribe first?
  • DECISION 4: What challenges and side effects should I anticipate from ADHD medications, and how should I address them?
  • DECISION 5: How can I improve treatment outcomes for patients with ADHD and comorbid diagnoses?
  • DECISION 6: What dietary, behavioral, or other complementary interventions should I recommend to patients with ADHD?
  • DECISION 7: How should I follow up with patients with ADHD, and what should we discuss during these checkups?

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.