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Free Template: Introduce Your Child to Camp Counselors

Communicate with camp staff before summer starts about your child’s ADHD  presentation, strengths, and ways to offer support.

Summer camp can be a tremendous confidence builder for kids with ADHD. The right camp experience pushes kids in all the right directions — toward new friendships, new challenges, and new perspectives.

However, when a camp doesn’t understand ADHD, children can face unfortunate consequences ranging from not participating in activities and loneliness to being asked to leave. Parents often don’t realize that an overnight camp is ill-equipped to support their children until it is too late.

Parents can proactively set up their children for success by using this sample letter to make introductions early and effectively with camp counselors and staff. In this download, you will learn the following:

  • How to format a letter to your child’s summer camp counselor
  • How to inform camp staff about your child’s ADHD presentation
  • Strategies camp counselors can employ to improve your child’s participation at camp
  • Ways camp counselors encourage friendships with your child
  • Best practices to help an irritable child at camp
  • And more!

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.