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Free Resource: 19 Ways to Meet Deadlines and Get Things Done

This free download from ADDitude is your game plan for organizing and finishing projects — big and small. Plus, get the ADHD Time Assessment chart to help you decide which tasks are really worth your time and effort.

Your desk is covered in unopened bills. Your garage is a graveyard of unfinished home improvement projects. Yet at the end of the day you’re exhausted and haven’t managed to check any tasks off your to-do list. It feels like you’re constantly treading water, but never getting ahead. What gives?

People with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) have trouble with time management — especially with difficult or boring projects. Most of your time goes to putting out fires — trying to stay on top of daily chores like cleaning, cooking, work, and childcare.

But take heart; there’s a better way! Two top experts (with ADHD themselves) explain how they learned to slow down, prioritize, block out distractions, and get more done. With their advice, which includes delegating tasks you hate, you’ll finally figure out how to complete what you start.

Edward Hallowell, M.D., is a member of ADDitude’s ADHD Medical Review Panel.

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