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Free Gift Guide for Kids with ADHD

A fidget that doubles as a ruler. A hammock cocoon. A creature that eats all your child’s worries. Get these and more ADHD-tested gift ideas for creative, spirited, sometimes forgetful and disorganized kids.

Yes, you could buy another baby doll or Nerf weapon, and your kid would probably love it. Or you could invest in a gift that stimulates your child’s brain, builds up her working memory, or helps him improve social skills. If you’d like to give the gift of stronger organization, focus at school, or reduced anxiety, add these ADHD-tested recommendations to your holiday shopping list.

Our editors recommend a short list of products that could just change your life.

But don’t stop there! Keep reading for our list of mom-approved apps that kids will love. In today’s fast-paced tech-driven world, your kid is bound to be exposed to screens — whether you like it or not. Instead of letting her mindlessly play Flappy Bird, why not encourage her to spend her screen time improving social skills, learning STEM-based skills, or brushing up on organization? Give your child these ADHD-tested apps this holiday season to make sure her big brain is being put to use.