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Free Guide: Find the Right Sitter for Your Child

A free downloadable guide to help caregivers understand ADHD in children, including tips for discipline, routine, and safety regarding ADHD medications. With this free resource, you can hire childcare you can trust.

In most cases, kids with ADHD aren’t willfully bad or temperamental, but they still somehow seem to end up with more serious bruises, more frequent meltdowns, and more damaging messes than kids without the condition. As a parent, you’ve likely learned to take your child’s quirks in stride, but not everyone is prepared for the ups and downs of caring for a child with ADHD. If you’ve tried to find help caring for your child, chances are it’s resulted in more exasperated babysitters than all the other neighborhood kids combined.

For your child’s safety — and your peace of mind — it’s important that you hire, educate, and keep childcare you can trust. This free download outlines the steps you should take to help whoever you hire:

  • Understand ADHD symptoms
  • Survive separation anxiety — a problem for kids who have trouble regulating emotions
  • Encourage positive behavior
  • Navigate common stress points
  • Plus more!

Children with ADHD are creative, kind, and generous, but it sometimes takes a while for babysitters to see the good side. Use this guide to educate and encourage your childcare provider — and watch his or her relationship with your child blossom!