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Free eBook: The Truth About Autism in Adults

Autism is adults is commonly mistaken for ADHD, OCD, sensory processing disorder, and anxiety. Download this guide to learn about the signs of ASD later in life, how a proper evaluation and diagnosis works, and strategies for living your best life.

Many people do not recognize the signs of autism until adulthood. And, even then, it’s often mistaken for ADHD or another comorbidity like OCD, SPD, or anxiety.

That said, 30 to 60 percent of autistic individuals are also affected by ADHD. Symptoms of ADHD and autism often overlap — and the signs of each condition may look different in adulthood than they did in childhood.

The signs of autism that may be mistaken for ADHD include…
– hyperfocus on a specific topic or interest
– challenges taking turns in a conversation
– challenges with adjusting behaviors to match different social contexts
– challenges with accepting feedback or corrections
– socially awkward, not “fitting in” with any social circles
– and more

In this ebook, learn about the distinguishing features of autism in different contexts, and how they are accurately diagnosed in adults. Also learn about the most commonly misdiagnosed symptoms and how they are mistaken for social anxiety disorder, personality disorder, sensory processing disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and other conditions.

Finally, learn how autism in women sometimes looks different, how to dispel four common myths about autism, and how to live your best life with adult autism.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.