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Free Parenting Resource: How to Deal with Anger From Your Child

Anger is natural, but if it isn’t handled properly, it can get your child in a lot of trouble. Download this free handout to learn how to manage your child’s anger — and build her emotional maturity in the process.

Anger happens — especially for kids with ADHD, who may face more than their fair share of daily challenges.

Anger is also the emotion most likely to land a child intro trouble, so learning to communicate emotions in a healthy, productive way is a critical skill — and this free downloadable handout is the perfect way to get learning.

This guide, written by renowned ADHD expert Ned Hallowell (co-author of the “ADHD Bible,” Driven to Distraction), is full of easy-to-apply strategies that parents can use to help kids understand anger and manage it in healthy ways.

Emotional maturity is critical to succeeding in life, and kids with ADHD may need more help than others. Help your child learn how to manage his emotions — download this free resource today!

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.