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How Do We Know the Treatment Is Working? A School Tracking Sheet

Use this weekly log with your child’s teacher to track progress toward academic and behavior goals, and the effectiveness of your ADHD treatment plan at school.

“How do we know whether the treatment is working?”

We hear this question from parents of children using medication, CBT, and food/supplements to treat their symptoms of ADHD. The answer: Careful tracking. To get a clear prognosis, parents must monitor changes in behavior at home, and work with educators and caregivers to do the same at school and beyond.

That’s where this weekly monitoring worksheet comes into play. Print out this form and ask your child’s teacher to use it once a week to track and rate your child’s progress on academic, behavioral, or social functioning goals.

With this log, you’ll learn to recognize the signs that your child’s treatment plan is (or is not) doing its job.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.