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Your Free Guide to a Smarter Summer

Our kids thrive on routine and academic encouragement, both of which taper off during summer vacation. In this free downloadable resource, find out how 20 parents keep their kids on a summer schedule that balances learning with active fun.

Most kids look forward to summer vacation all year round — and that’s doubly true for children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD), who all too often spend the school year being scolded and stifled. The long, lazy summer days provide the perfect opportunity for them to veg out and shut their minds off, right?

Not so fast. Summer may be a time for freedom, but it’s also a time when our kids lose much of the academic and social progress they gained the previous year. Children with ADHD thrive on routine and academic encouragement, both of which are harder to come by in the summer — particularly if parents are working.

But you can keep your child moving and learning — without sacrificing the joy and freedom summer brings. In this free download, 20 ADDitude readers share tips for…

  • Maintaining a predictable routine even when school is out
  • Sneaking learning into everyday summer activities
  • Keeping kids reading
  • And much more!

Whether your child struggles with reading, making friends, or following a routine, these reader-tested tips are sure to help you get him on track this summer — and ready to start the new school year in the fall.