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What I Wish My Teachers Knew About Me: A Free Template for Kids

Print and fill in this worksheet to tell your new teacher how and where you learn best, what subjects you love, where you really shine, and what strategies really help you learn and retain information.

You are smart, and friendly, and love learning. But sometimes your attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) gets in the way at school — making it tough for you to follow instructions or remember assignments or stop and think before reacting. Your new teacher needs to know this, and also what strategies work best for illuminating your strengths and improving your weaknesses.

That is where this letter comes in.

Print out this download and work with your parent to fill it out before school begins. In it, tell your new teacher the following:

1. Your strengths and favorite subjects
2. Your biggest academic and social challenges last year
3. How and where you learn best
4. How you work to stay organized and how the teacher can help
5. And more

Plus, this guide includes ideas for boosting your memory, staying organized with consistent routines, and sustaining attention even in the afternoon witching hour. Every student should download and complete this introduction before school begins; for children with ADHD, it is an especially good idea!

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