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Free Handout: Solving Challenges in the Classroom

Teachers can use this quick-reference guide to help students with ADHD overcome the most common setbacks in the classroom—from math and reading comprehension to hyperactivity and organization.

ADHD Strategies for Teachers: Guide to Classroom Problem SolvingThis one-page handout designed for your child’s teacher identifies the four most common learning and executive skills challenges of students with ADHD.

Whether students have difficulty with math, writing essays, or even just sitting still, this free resource has three creative classroom solutions for each of the most typical struggles.

With these ideas, your child will be better prepared to focus, learn, and remember — after they get the wiggles out. Who knows? They might even mistake all of that learning for fun.

Print it out, take it to parent-teacher conferences, distribute to teachers and educators.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.