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Better Than Counting Sheep! Your Free Guide to Sleeping Better

According to one study, 70 percent of adults with ADHD spend more than one hour trying to fall asleep each night. Thankfully, counting sheep isn’t your only option. Conquer ADHD sleeping problems with one of the apps in this free download.

The connection between sleep problems and attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) may be biological — the ADHD brain has trouble regulating neurotransmitters like serotonin, which helps regulate sleep cycles. Other research suggests that stimulant medication used to treat ADHD may be a factor in sleep difficulties.

Whatever the cause, the results are the same — a restless night and groggy morning. Even worse, a long-term lack of sleep affects your stress levels, frustration tolerance, ability to regulate emotions, focus, concentration, and appetite. Without proper rest, you’re more irritable, impatient, and less efficient at everything you do.

Thankfully, tossing and turning is no longer the only option. Conquer your sleeplessness by downloading one of these top sleep aid apps.

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