ADHD Parenting

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May 2019

It’s true what they say: Kids don’t come with operating manuals. But it turns out your ADDitude membership does. Just sign up here, and you’ll receive our newsletter series for parents of children with ADHD who could use some guidance on the following…

  • Oppositional Defiance & Discipline: Help when your child disrespects authority figures, refuses to comply with requests, and argues about everything
  • Routines & Organization: Help when your child loses assignments, forgets deadlines, and lives in a pigsty
  • Rewards, Consequences & Screen Time: Help when your child gets sucked into video games, needs incentives to build good habits, and is screaming for consistency
  • Emotions & Anger: Help when your child can’t stop a flood of feelings from overwhelming him
  • Sleep, Diet & Exercise: Help when your child is overtired, undernourished, and desperately needs to release some energy
  • Friends & Bullies: Help when your child struggles with social skills, cliques, and mean kids
  • ADHD in Boys vs. ADHD in Girls: Help for anticipating and understanding parents’ top 5 challenges — and expert advice
  • ADHD in Teens: Help when hormones throw your child’s ADHD symptoms, motivation, emotions & life out of whack

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