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Free Guide: 19 Questions That Build ADHD Metacognition Skills

Metacognition is the executive function that powers confidence, persistence, and positive self-esteem. Here, learn how to help your child develop positive self-talk by asking the right questions at the right time.

ADHD and Metacognition: A Daily Plan for Developing Positive Self-Talk

Metacognition is the executive function (EF) that helps us reflect on and manage our thoughts, attention, effort, organizational skills, and emotions.

When a child with ADHD says, “I can’t do math” or “I hate writing,” that is a sign of under-developed metacognition skills that require intervention strategies and supports. Guided questioning eventually leads children to develop their own self-talk and do their own thinking, direct their own attention, and recognize and regulate their emotions.

Here, find 19 questions to help your child develop the metacognition skills around these 5 EFs:
– Emotional regulation
– Initiation and activation
– Planning and organizing
– Sustaining attention, effort, and working memory
– Self-monitoring

Download ADDitude’s full Success @ School Executive Function Action Plan here.

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