How Do I Choose the Best ADHD Medication?

ADHD Medications: Comparison Chart of Stimulants & Non-Stimulants

This comprehensive chart of ADHD medications compares the most popular stimulants and non-stimulants — short- and long-acting capsules, tablets, liquids, patches, and chewables — to understand all of the treatment options for symptoms of ADD.

ADHD medications may be stimulants — methylphenidate or amphetamine — or non-stimulants. They come in short- and long-acting preparations. They have immediate- and delayed-release layers. Their delivery methods include:

– Liquid
– Chewable
– Orally disintegrating tablet
– Sprinkle
– Transdermal patch
– Crushable
– Caplet

Is it any wonder parents and adults with ADHD feel overwhelmed when considering and choosing the best treatment option with the fullest coverage and fewest side effects? Use this chart to help you see all of your options in one place and to spark a conversation with your prescribing clinician about the ADHD treatment plan that works for your family.

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