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Free Resource: How Do We Know the Medication Is Working?

Treatment plans are living, breathing, shifting things. What worked last month might cause problems tomorrow, and vice versa. The trick to staying on top of needed adjustments? A holistic assessment system that includes regular feedback from your child’s teacher. Here, expert David Rabiner, Ph.D., explains how to institute an ADHD Monitoring System that will catch warning signs before they become problems.

The first — and best — way to tell if an ADHD medication is doing its job is to assess a child’s performance in school. Parents can usually notice a rise or fall in inattentive or hyperactive-impulsive behavior at home, but what goes on outside the house can be a mystery.

The ADHD Medication Monitoring System describes what you need to know, and how you can work with your child’s teacher to learn it.

Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry recommend collecting data systematically at regular intervals, in three main domains:

  • Academic functioning
  • Behavioral functioning
  • Social functioning

“This program allows you to carefully track how your child is doing in school.,” says author David Rabiner, Ph.D. “It also alerts you when treatment adjustments may be appropriate.”

With printable weekly and monthly assesments, this download is key to help parents determine if their treatment plan is a success.

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