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Free Guide: How Children With ADHD Learn

Every child picks up and processes information in her own unique way. Determine your student’s learning style and find ways to work with her strengths.

Does your student get more from a story when he sees it in print or when he hears it read aloud? Does he need to draw or act it out to really understand it? Each child has his or her own learning style—a unique way of taking in and processing information.

Most teachers naturally use their own learning style when communicating with students. But, if you adapt your assignments and instructions to your students’ varied learning styles, it can make a big difference. Most kids use all of their senses for learning, but favor one over the others.

This download explains what it means to be a:

  • Visual learner…
  • Auditory learner…
  • Tactile/Kinesthetic learner…

…along with strategies to grab the attention of each one.

Children differ in the way they think and conceptualize ideas. Here, we explain the difference between analytic learners and global learners—and the ways each learns best.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.