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Free Resource: Overcoming Common Learning Challenges

Children with ADHD may struggle with writing, math, or even public speaking. Here’s how teachers can help them learn and thrive.

Children with ADHD are not any smarter or slower than their classmates — they just think differently. Unfortunately, “different” can often cause problems in school — particularly in the critical areas of reading, writing, math, and language.

Working memory deficits, attention problems, and organization difficulties can turn daily reading assignments or math problems into stumbling blocks for students with ADHD — particularly if they’re living with comorbid learning disabilities, too.

How can teachers help? By maintaining patience and by using the ADHD-specific tricks included in this download. These strategies, focused on where children with ADHD are most likely to struggle, are designed to build interest, engagement, and inclusion throughout the school day. If a student in your classroom struggles with reading, writing, calculating, or speaking, try these free tips to help her succeed.