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Free Handout: Get a Grip on Tough Emotions

You’re not imagining things — ADHD really is linked to more powerful and unruly emotions. Use these strategies to understand the cause of your feelings, and learn what you can do to get them under control.

Do you fly off the handle at the slightest provocation — only to instantly find yourself wallowing in a deep bout of sadness? You may not realize it, but your roller coaster of emotions could be linked to your attention deficit disorder.

When most people think of ADHD or ADD, they think of hyperactive behavior or difficulties paying attention. What often doesn’t spring to mind are intense emotional ups and downs — but this difficult-to-manage symptom is deeply rooted in the brain, and has come to be understood by many experts as one of the hallmarks of ADHD.

Learn the truth about your ADHD-related emotional challenges with this free download, which outlines 9 little-known facts about ADHD and intense emotions. You’ll learn about emotions’ link to memory, the connection to social anxiety, and why a single feeling can frequently slip out of your control — and what you can do to improve your response and long-term emotional health.

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