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Free Resource for Women and Girls: Is It ADHD?

A downloadable test to help you recognize the unique (and often missed) symptoms of ADHD in women — plus a checklist to share with your doctor.

ADHD is not a male disorder. In fact, women and men are equally likely to have ADHD, yet the latest research suggests that women suffer much greater emotional turmoil due to their symptoms — in large part because of dated misconceptions that ADHD is a “male disorder.” Consequently, women who show symptoms — particularly if they’re of the inattentive type — are more likely than men to go undiagnosed (or misdiagnosed). They’re also less likely to receive appropriate treatment. These incomplete evaluations can lead to serious health risks — both mental and physical.

If you think you (or your daughter) might have ADHD, start by downloading this guide — it will give you a comprehensive overview of what ADHD looks like in women and girls, why it’s more likely to be missed by teachers and doctors, and what steps need to be taken to find treatment and correct the imbalance. It even includes a checklist that you can take to your primary care doctor (or another mental health professional) to help you secure a formal diagnosis, if necessary.

Undiagnosed ADHD — combined with the pressure put on women to “do it all” or be SuperWoman — can lead to devastating consequences, both personal and professional. Ensure you or your daughter gets proper treatment — download this ADHD self-test today!

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.