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Smart Homework Strategies for Teachers & Parents: A Free Handout

Research suggests that homework is counterproductive in elementary school. Still, many teachers use it to gauge comprehension and independent learning. You need to read this if nightly assignments are taking too long, ruining your family time, and/or making your child hate school.

Homework requires students to copy assignments correctly, maintain focus after a long school day, and hand in work on time — all difficult tasks for kids with poor memory, focus, and attention to detail.

Fortunately, there are concrete strategies that teachers can implement in the classroom and that parents can turn to at home. Some strategies highlighted in this resource include creating behavior charts, trimming assignments for comprehension over completion, constructing a designated homework space at home, and allowing completed assignments to be scanned and emailed.

Print out this free handout, check off more tips you think would work best for your child, and then discuss them with your child’s teacher.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.