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Free ADHD Resource: Solve Your Child’s Homework Problems

Most children who struggle with homework do so for a specific reason. Does your child with ADHD have any of these common homework problems? If so, solve them with this free download.

Most kids who struggle with homework are struggling for specific reasons. Some are disorganized; some are easily frustrated; others rush. Is your child a Disorganized Danny? Procrastinating Penny? Distractible David?

Here, our education expert describes the most common profiles along with specific solutions for your child’s very specific homework challenge.

There is help for the child who can’t find homework assignments to complete, or remember to turn them in. There are solutions for the ones who want to start that paper tomorrow — or even better, next week. There are ways to assist the fidgeters and the daydreamers, and techniques to slow down the child who speed-races through each task.

Learn to limit irritation, set a schedule, and choose the best place to work — or, when all else fails to find outside help.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.