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Free Expert Overview of Common ADHD Diagnosis Mistakes

Doctors or medical professionals sometimes diagnose ADHD too quickly or without considering all the symptoms. Here’s what you need to know to avoid a mistaken ADHD diagnosis.

ADHD is not easy to diagnose. Symptoms of other, related conditions like learning disabilities or anxiety are commonly mistaken for ADHD. And when they are, ADHD medication could actually make the problem worse.

Here, read three cases of patients who were mistakenly diagnosed with ADHD. These stories illustrate the mistakes that can be made by doctors evaluating patients with ADHD-like symptoms.

From the author, Dr. Larry Silver: “Alicia, a single parent, was concerned that her 10-year-old daughter, Marie, had ADHD. Painfully shy, Marie had struggled in school since first grade. Alicia arranged to have Marie evaluated by a psychologist, who told Alicia that her daughter had ADHD. Alicia went to her family doctor, who took one look at the psychologist’s report and started Marie on stimulant medication.

“Two years passed. Despite steady use of the medication, Marie continued to have problems in school and with her peers. At this point, with middle school looming, Alicia called me.”

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