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Your Free Guide to ADHD Coping Mechanisms

Treatment and everyday living techniques that help you get the most out of your ADHD brain!

To design the best treatment strategy, you must first understand how the ADHD brain is wired. And most people don’t. Parents, teachers, and spouses suggest organization or concentration techniques that work for them, and then they’re surprised (even angry) when we don’t see the same results.

They might admonish us or insist we re-try, suggesting our lack of success is tied to some fundamental flaw: “You’re lazy!” or “You didn’t really try.” The truth is that neurotypical techniques just don’t work for ADHD brains.

Your life will change when you understand the ADHD nervous system, and why the treatments you’ve used before haven’t worked. Here, we’ve gathered 11 easy-to-follow coping mechanisms that really work.

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