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Free Resource: Is It More Than Just ADHD?

A majority of people ADHD also have a second condition — like learning disabilities, mood disorders, or anxiety — that requires separate treatment. This quick-reference chart names the most common ones, plus symptoms, common treatments, and recommended resources for each.

An overwhelming majority of individuals with ADHD — up to 90 percent of children and approximately 85 percent of adults — are diagnosed with at least one other psychiatric and/or developmental disorder sometime during their lifetime. About half of all children with ADHD have at least two additional, co-existing conditions, called ‘cormorbidities.’

A comorbid condition is a separate condition that exists alongside ADHD, compounding an individual’s cognitive, psychological, and social impairment. These conditions, when found alongside ADHD, warrant special consideration and a unique treatment plan.

This reference chart names the 9 conditions most commonly found in individuals with ADHD, plus the symptoms, common treatments, and recommended resources for each.

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