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Free Resource: How Teachers Can Manage Common ADHD Behaviors

Why kids with ADHD act the way they do — and how teachers can help them succeed.

Students with ADHD don’t mean to blurt out answers, pester their neighbors, or play too rough. But sometimes their bodies act before they have a chance to stop and think. ADHD’s inherent impulsivity means these kids often get labeled as unruly or aggressive — even though many are caring, kind, and deeply sensitive.

And then there’s the other end of the spectrum — the students with ADHD who daydream, stare out the window, or lose focus when stimuli compete for their attention. As a result, they miss lessons, instructions, and directions — which can be frustrating for teachers and students alike.

What’s going on here? ADHD impacts the parts of the brain responsible for self-regulation and attention, which can lead to undesirable behavior in the classroom. Overworked teachers may be tempted to send Johnny to the principal’s office every time he jumps out of his seat, but that won’t really solve the problem.

What will? The strategies in this download, of course! Teachers can make a world of difference by anticipating poor behavior and implementing strategies that manage behavior in the present, while teaching kids skills over the long-term. Whether your student struggles with distractibility or hyperactivity, this download has tips to make class time more productive (and pleasant) for everyone.

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