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Free Resource: What to Ask Yourself to Find the Perfect Job

The “right job” is different for everyone, and when you have ADD, uncovering your ideal career can feel like searching for a needle in a sea of haystacks. Start your job search with this free worksheet of 20 questions — designed by a longtime ADHD career coach — to identify your skills and find your career “sweet spot.”

When adults with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) find a career that really suits them, it changes their lives in huge, measurable ways. When going to work everyday no longer feels like a chore, happiness and productivity skyrocket — while self-doubt and restlessness (common ADHD pitfalls) decrease dramatically.

Unfortunately, after a lifetime of slip-ups, boredom, and ill-fitting jobs, many adults with ADHD have no “ideal career” in mind — or any idea how to navigate the scary process of uncovering and pursuing their deepest passions. Many feel “stuck” in jobs they dislike — simply because they have no idea what alternative jobs would suit them best.

While there is (sadly) no quick self-test that will spit out your one, ideal job, there are steps you can take as you embark on a career search to maximize your probability of success. This free resource — filled with 20 questions designed to guide you towards your next career move — was crafted by a long-time ADHD career coach. It will help you think critically about what you want (and need) from a job, and paint a clearer picture of what career satisfaction looks like for you. Download now — and start down the path to your true calling.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.