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ADHD Awareness Month Toolkit for Truth & Understanding

Everything you need to spread a positive message about ADHD in your community.

AdHD is a real medical disorder, affecting more than 15 million Americans, with symptoms — distractibility, impulsivity, hyperactivity — that seriously interfere with the ability to function. But children and adults with ADHD can do well, even excel, when they receive help and support.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of ADHD naysayers out there. That’s why we suggest you become an activist using this toolkit. You can start by sharing your own story. Then employ this guide’s myth-busting strategies, including…
– ADHD Awareness Month activist calendar
– social media tactics
– a sample letter to the editor
– smart comebacks to ADHD doubters
– 25 things to love about ADHD

…to broadcast the “ADHD-is-real” message to a wide audience.