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Celebrate ADHD Awareness Month with This Free Calendar

Download this free calendar to celebrate ADHD Awareness Month with daily resources, activities, and ideas for spreading truth, understanding, and support this October.

Happy ADHD Awareness Month!

One generation ago, we didn’t know that ADHD was a chronic, life-long disorder with common comorbidities that impacts girls and boys equally. We thought it was a fleeting childhood disorder observed in hyper boys. We did not recognize its interplay with anxiety, mood disorders, and learning disabilities. We missed its inattentive symptoms altogether. And we were very, very wrong.

As our understanding of ADHD expands by the day, so too does our obligation to educate family members, friends, teachers, and even medical practitioners about what’s new and true about ADHD. To that end, this daily calendar was designed to guide you through 31 small but important steps to celebrate ADHD awareness this October. Use it to do your part, and to focus on the amazing people with ADHD in your life.

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