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Free Guide to Securing ADHD Accommodations in College

ADHD accommodations in college require documentation, planning, and self-advocacy. Jumpstart the process with these six steps.

IEPs and 504 Plans essentially “expire” when students graduate from high school, but that doesn’t mean they can’t receive accommodations in college. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), they can.

However, the responsibility for setting up and maintaining ADHD accommodations falls on the college student, not the school. Colleges are not required to provide any accommodation or modification that would result in a fundamental alteration of their programs. This applies to specific course requirements, graduation requirements, and admissions.

Don’t get discouraged. Plenty of accommodations don’t alter course or degree requirements for students with ADHD or learning differences. To begin the process, students should register with the Disability Services (DS) office when they submit their enrollment deposit.

If accommodations are granted, they will become available, but the student is not obligated to use them. If they don’t register and later decide that they need accommodations, they risk not getting accommodations in time for exams. Registering doesn’t cost anything, and it may save your child undue headaches in the long run.

This download explains how to get undergrad services for neurodivergent students. In this download you will learn the following:

  • The best time to apply for college accommodations
  • Where to register for college accommodations
  • What documents are needed to apply for college accommodations
  • What questions to ask after submitting a request for accommodations
  • What to do if accommodations need to change
  • And more!