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Free Resource for Teachers: Your Guide to ADHD-Friendly Assignments

All students learn differently. Students with ADHD and learning disabilities, especially, struggle to decipher and comprehend assignments that don’t align with their learning styles. Here are ideas educators can use to adapt homework assignments and project requirements for unique thinkers.

Students with ADHD or learning disabilities often struggle in traditional classrooms, which tend to prioritize speed and results. But a distractible student — or one who can only learn by doing something himself — will struggle to keep up with a fast-paced lecture or complete complex steps in an assignment.

Educators should do their best to adapt assignments to students’ unique needs and learning styles, whenever possible. This download is full of ideas for tweaking homework assignments or project requirements to give children who learn differently the same opportunity to shine.

Whether a student struggles with disorganization, poor memory, or turning in their assignments on time, this free resource helps teachers understand the reasons for the disconnect — as well as provides easy-to-apply ideas for helping children overcome their obstacles and learn long-term skills. Download it now!

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.