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Your Free Guide for Controlling Clutter

Standard advice for tackling clutter doesn’t work for adults with ADHD. Why? We need ADHD-specific clutter-busting strategies (like the ones included in this free download!) designed with our unique challenges — and strengths — in mind.

Standard advice for tackling clutter — “make your bed every day” or “match all your socks when the laundry is done” — doesn’t work for people with ADHD. Why? In most cases, a tidy bedroom and folded clothes are good things, but you find it too overwhelming to focus on staying organized long enough to get the job done. And once clutter builds up, it can take on a life of its own — leaving you feeling totally helpless with no idea where to start.

So what can you do? Follow the clutter-busting strategies included in this free guide, of course! The key to ADHD-friendly organization is efficiency — get it done quickly and make it as simple as possible. To do this, professional organizer Susan Pinksy advises adults with ADHD to follow these four pillars of organization:

  • Routine
  • Structure
  • Boundaries
  • Support

If you dream of a cleaner closet, a junkless junk drawer, or actually being able to see the bottom of your kitchen sink from time to time, use the clutter-busting strategies in this guide. You’ll be on your way to a cleaner home — ADHD and all.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.