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Don’t Go It Alone

Four ways for moms to enlist family members’ help in solving everyday problems – together.

Who said moms should be able to solve everyday problems on their own? Family members can be tremendously helpful – but you’ve got to ask for their help. Here’s how:

  • Define the problem. Sit down with your family, and talk things over. What exactly is causing the trouble? Who should be involved in the solution?
  • Brainstorm solutions. Come up with a few possible approaches to the problem. (Kids are surprisingly good at this.) Together, decide which approach is likely to solve the problem.
  • Try the solution. If it solves the problem, great. If not, reevaluate. Should you fine-tune it to see if that might work? Or should you ditch it and try something else? Seek input from everyone involved.
  • Keep an open mind. What works well initially may lose its effectiveness over time. Continue to think of ways to make things better.