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Does Your ADHD Child Lose Everything?

My daughter, Natalie, loses everything because of her ADHD. This week, even after she begged us for her own cell phone for the umpteenth time, she managed to forget and leave the family phone in an unusual spot.

My husband, Don, often e-mails funny stories about our daughter, Natalie, to his parents and siblings, and the humor often derives from Nat’s attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). I thought I’d let you hear from Don for a change. Here’s his latest story:

Nat has recently been hitting us up for a cell phone. This has been an on-again, off-again discussion for some time because, as Nat says, everyone has one (and to be fair, she’s right). So Kay and I — dreading the thought of Nat owning a cell phone for many, many reasons — told Nat that she has to be older and she has to work on being more responsible before we can ever consider getting her a cell phone. Please keep in mind that very recently it took Nat just three days to lose her new $60 tennis shoes — never to be seen again.

So last night, I came home from a meeting and Nat said, “I took a shower, used soap, combed my hair, and got PJs on without anyone telling me to.”

I said, “That is great, Nat!”

She said, “Now can I get a cell phone?”

Still, I had to tell her, “No!”

Tonight, Nat called her friend, Lindzey, and as she was talking on the phone, she headed outside through the back door (multi-tasking like she always does). Twenty minutes later, she came in the front door.

“Nat,” I asked, “did you bring the phone back in?”

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“You know, you were talking to Lindzey and took the phone outside.”


I told her to go back outside and find the phone. Later, she came back with the phone, and I asked where it was.

“By the sandbox.”

Current status of Nat’s cell phone: ON HOLD!

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