Does Health Insurance Cover ADHD Coaching?

“I can’t afford ADHD coaching, but I know it would help me. Will health insurance cover it? If not, what do you suggest?”

Coaching is not covered by health insurance. However, some of my clients pay with flexible spending accounts, or FSAs. This is a plan that lets you set aside pre-tax dollars for health-care expenses not covered by your insurance – co-pays, acupuncture, glasses, counseling for ADHD, and so on (learn more at Most plans are “use it or lose it” for the calendar year, so don’t overestimate your spending. Talk with your employer about setting up an FSA.

You can also look into tax deductions. I work with many self-employed individuals. Because we work on professional, as well as personal, goals, many of them deduct a portion of my fees as a business expense, just as they would deduct a fee paid to a consultant, tax advisor, or anyone else who assists with their business.

You might also contact coach training schools, such as the ADD Coach Academy ( Coaches starting out usually charge much less than seasoned coaches. Some coaches barter for services.

Finally, has free teleclasses, which are often run by coaches. The classes are educational in nature, and not personal coaching, but they can answer many of your questions.

Updated on November 4, 2019

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