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Does Daytrana Help Your ADHD Kid?

Switching Natalie’s ADHD meds was a frightening — though necessary — recent step. We`re feeling our way through Focalin, but now I need some Mom feedback on the Daytrana Patch…

Several readers responded to my plea for information about Focalin and Focalin XR as my daughter Natalie transitioned to taking it. Now, let’s help Adrienne!

Adrienne joined our discussion about meds to treat ADHD via a comment to my earlier post. She needs to hear from other parents about their children’s responses to the Daytrana patch. Her 6-year-old son just started treatment with the patch, and after two terrible days, it appeared to be doing absolutely nothing to control his ADHD symptoms.

Should they try a higher dose, or give up? Although I’m sure she’s called the doctor by now, there’s nothing like real-life experiences to guide our conversations with doctors, confirm our gut instincts, or help us look at our situations from a fresh angle.

So, does anyone else fear that multiple daily doses of short-acting Ritalin are the only answer for your ADHD child? Or, did you find an alternative that freed you from feeling chained to the clock? Was Daytrana the answer to your ADHD prayers?

And what’s the deal with a medication working beautifully for several months or years, then not working anymore? Do we all have lifetimes of these trying trial-and-error med experiments ahead of us?

So, let’s take this opportunity to help Adrienne. You never know… it might be your turn next!

FDA is warning that permanent loss of skin color may occur with use of the Daytrana patch (methylphenidate transdermal system) for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). FDA added a new warning to the drug label to describe this skin condition, which is known as chemical leukoderma. See the FDA Drug Safety Communication for more information.

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