Does ADD Get Worse With Age?

“I’m 53 and was just diagnosed with ADD. The last couple of years have been more ‘hazy’ or confusing than before. Do the symptoms get worse with middle age when the memory starts to go anyway?”

There has been a study that found hyperactivity and impulsivity symptoms decline at a higher rate than inattention symptoms, but adults still struggle with many ADHD related challenges.

Many women in menopause (with or without ADHD) relate that their memory just doesn’t seem to be as sharp as it used to be. I think this is common for most of us as we age, but I do not think it is necessarily a result of aging, but may in some cases be a result of not utilizing our mental powers as rigorously as we have in the past.

Our ability to concentrate, to reason, to visualize, to imagine, to make decisions, to solve problems and to think clearly and creatively depends a great deal on how well and how often we exercise our mind. Getting a book of mental games and exercises to sharpen your brain power could prove to be fun as well as beneficial.

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