Talking About ADHD

Do You Speak ADD?

If not, learn these humorous definitions. After reading through our glossary, ADHD will take on a whole new meaning.

ADHD highlighted in dictionary
ADHD highlighted in dictionary

Members of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD) community have little to call our own.

Many of our symptoms are shared with those of other disorders, and are even found in normal humans. We do have our own song, “A.D.D.,” written by Loomis & the Lust, as well as a t-shirt with ADHD stamped on the front, a ripoff of the rock band AC/DC. And that’s it. It’s enough to dishearten a distracted soul.

So I created a list of words that may, some day, be the first entries in a dictionary for those who want to become fluent in ADD / ADHD:

ADDvil: a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory sometimes used by hyperactive subtype ADHDers after overdoing everything.

ADDjunked: items purchased on impulse, or things bought to help ADHDers get organized, which end up in landfills.

ADDrift: the sensation ADHDers get when we feel that we’re missing something.

ADDagio: a graceful interaction between two ADHDers when they meet, typified by finishing each other’s statements, laughter, and high emotion.

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ADDverse: having problems dealing with the non-ADHD world.

ADDmit: to confess to having ADHD, or to having done something impulsive.

ADDress: loud clothing — orange, purple, or chartreuse — worn by people with ADHD.

ADDept: good at doing many things at once; multitasking.

ADDroitness: the special quality that many people with ADHD have, which allows us to excel in an emergency, even though we may have caused the emergency.

ADDvance: when an ADHDer creates more piles of stuff. We ADDvance when we haven’t moved forward in our work, but feel we have because we’ve made more piles.

ADDventure: a new and exciting experience, usually pursued when we’re distracted by some boring, compulsory task that has a deadline.

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