Ask the Experts

Disruptive at School, But Fine at Home

“At school our eight-year-old daughter is disruptive, can’t focus, and does not keep up with her assignments. She has been labeled as having ADHD, but she seems fine at home and in other environments. What is going on?”

Because your daughter exhibits these behaviors only at school, it doesn’t sound like ADHD.

She may have a learning disability, have a problem with bullying or other peer stress, or be responding to family stress.

Start by asking for a meeting with the teacher, school psychologist/counselor, and others who know your daughter. Discuss what is happening and work with a team to put a plan in place. If these efforts are not successful, or if the school refuses your meeting request, speak with your family doctor about having her seen by a mental health professional.

Your daughter is showing that she is hurting emotionally. You must not wait to find out why.