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Q: “How Can I Organize My Diabetes Supplies Without Losing Anything?”

Adults with ADHD have an elevated risk for diabetes, a condition that comes with lots of supplies to organize. Here, learn how to keep yourself healthy and uncluttered at the same time!

Q: “I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I’m so overwhelmed with everything, but I really can’t figure out the supplies. Right now everything is in the kitchen out on counters so I don’t forget what I have. I need a better system and I don’t know what to do or where to put anything or how to get started. Can you help me?” –Denverthree

Hi Denverthree:

I applaud you for truly wanting to take care of yourself. You are on the right path by creating effective and streamlined organizing solutions for your diabetes supplies.

Here are a few steps to follow:

1. Categorize your supplies. Place items that are used together in the same category and keep them in a logical location. For example, your meter, test strips, batteries, etc. can be stored together and perhaps stored in your bathroom. Food measuring utensils and your food scale are better off in the kitchen.

2. Create a Command Central. Whether it’s a basement shelf or laundry-room cabinet, designate one area in your home that will function as your “command central.” This is where you can store the overage or bulk of your diabetes supplies. Remember, wherever you choose, make sure you have ample space to accommodate all the supplies. One location will help you know when you need to restock.

3. Make your storage accessible. It doesn’t matter if you use open shelving, closed cabinets or drawers. My rule of thumb is to containerize everything! This way the container can easily be removed, necessary supplies accessed, and the container quickly put back — no miscellaneous items lost or forgotten. Use and label clear containers so you can see the contents. This will act as a visual checklist of what’s inside.

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4. Designate a diabetes drawer. Designate one drawer in your kitchen for your healthy snack options. Drawers are wonderful because you can see everything you have at a quick glance, making grab and go simple.

5. Short on space? If you are really tight on space, bring your walls into play. Hang a peg board or no-fuss shelving on an empty wall. Or, if you have ample hanging space in a closet, hang a clear shoe storage bag in your closet and tuck snacks, testing equipment, supplies, etc. in the pockets. Hanging sweater or shirt storage bags work just as well for bigger supplies.

Please stay healthy!

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