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Demon Child? Seriously?

Today’s post is the third in a series about adults who misunderstand and react horribly to ADHD behavior. This is my rant!

Today’s post is the third in a series about adults who misunderstand our children’s behavior. For example, a college-educated young adult who BELIEVES MY DAUGHTER IS POSSESSED BY DEMONS!

This post is my rant about the topic. Please bear with me, because I will be insensitive. I will be disrespectful of your religious beliefs…if you believe in demon possession. Someone messed with my loving, innocent kid, and I DON’T LIKE IT.

No-good-crazy-babysitter-from-HELL prayed over Natalie to rid her of a demon. Did she pray out loud? Did Nat hear this bulls#@t and internalize anything? What will that do to her developing self-image?

Plus, she spanked her, and pinched her. When we adopted this poor child, she was scared to move. She held her little hands in fists, like she was afraid to touch anything. She pursed her lips like she was afraid to talk. She had a serious, sad look on her face. She had bruises all over her skinny butt. We’ve spent 5 years gaining her trust, telling her that we’ll take care of her, keep her safe.

So, she was “calm” after you spanked her, prayed over her, and chased out the demon? She regressed, you xxxxxx xxxxxx. Thanks for this wonderful setback. I’ll think of you every time Natalie acts out.

Next time, save your prayers for your own Goddamn soul. You’re the one who needs it.