Defusing ADD Blow-Ups

“My boyfriend has ADD and is extremely sensitive. How can I stop him from blowing up each time I offer the slightest criticism?”

Do certain situations always trigger his anger? If so, see if there’s anything you can do differently. If getting out of the house on time is a major source of conflict, for example, try giving him a 15-minute warning.

And think carefully about the language you use when talking to him. Don’t use “blaming” statements, such as “You are… ” or “You did…” Use “I” statements, like “I feel…”

Find a non-threatening time to talk with him about his anger. If he doesn’t take medication (part of managing anger is improving impulse control), suggest that he give it a try. Ask what support you can provide, and come up with strategies together. If you feel you need help, consult a therapist.

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